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"Private Speech" or Linguistic Paper Ideas

Hello, everyone!

Next semester, I have to do a big 10-30 paper for a 3 credit class, which is not my senior project for college.

I am minoring in linguistics and creative writing and am a Japanese major.

Any ideas? I was thinking maybe doing something on "private speech," but do not know very much about it, save some articles I have read.
I have my alma mater (high school) by where I live, so I may be able to do some research there, along with some from my college.


Thank you very much!

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Loan Words

I'm doing an independent study in linguistics.
My topic is Abbreviated Loanwords in Japanese.
Most of my information so far has come from this article. But it seems to leave more questions than it answers.

One of the biggest questions it seems to leave is: Why do some words get material cut from the right side of the word ("terebi" from "terebizyon"), some words from the left ("baito" from arubaito") and some have parts of the middle cut out ("torapen" for "toransuperansii")?

Any insights on this or comments on anything on the subject?
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